Does the above photo look familiar? If so, you already know that EBWW spurts and bursts laughter, love, and wisdom. Based on the writing, social media and website development tips I learned at EBWW2018, I am hovering over my web and social media presence. From this point foreword, I will be blogging on a variety of topics (including over helping) directly from my author site at, and my presence on will go silent.

Would love a follow in whatever way suits you: Facebook, Twitter, or BeckyBKoop Blog pages. THANKS for sharing our mutual love of Erma Bombeck and, thanks for responding to a little potty humor. (And, even though I’m certain you cringed on seeing my obvious typo, thanks, also, for ignoring it. Apparently, either I need an editor to hover over my writing, or I need to spend less time hovering over others and more time hovering over myself. Either way, a proficient proofread:  IT’S A GOOD THING.)

For a quick sense of my style, a recent potty related ‘copterdetox piece:

Zipper shown slightly open
Hovering with Strangers