Welcome friends!

As we cross the first quarter of 2021, I’m taking a leap. While some have spent their pandemic isolation sprucing up  gardens and Marie Kondo-ing closets, I’ve been sprucing up my writing technique and Marie Kondo-ing my web and social media presence.

From this point forward, find the latest on my author site at BeckyBKoop.com.  (There will be some circular references from my author site to this one until all changes are made. As a former techie, I’ll do all the work myself, but it’ll be implemented in stages and may take longer than anticipated.) Copterdetox.com will be retained for past postings until all the work is complete.

EBWW fans: If you found your way here the from the above photo – THANKS for sharing our mutual Erma love. (Even though I’m certain you cringed on seeing my obvious typo, thanks, also, for ignoring it and visiting me any way. Apparently, either I need an editor to hover over my writing, or I need to spend less time hovering over others and more time hovering over myself. Either way, a proficient proofread:  IT’S A GOOD THING.)

Catch me on Facebook, Instagram, or BeckyBKoop pages.

Meanwhile, if you understand the tendency to over help strangers, or look askance at those who do, may I suggest this read…

Zipper shown slightly open
Hovering with Strangers